Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Poem Inspired by Pepe the Lamplighter by Jeanne Hart

Jeanne Hart was inspired by the reading at our October Continuity of Peppe the Lamplighter. She shares her poem with the Lehuas.

Peppe the Lamplighter author Elisa Bartone illustrator Ted Lewin ISBN 0-590-22310-0

Prompt: How do I “light the lamp”?

A warm welcome, a smile, a “have a great day!”
Invitations to learning, to listen today.
Crayons and scissors, markers and paint,
Glue-paper-treasures … what need I say?
Blocks, cars, and fire trucks, big space on the floor –
Come build a city, we’ll travel today!
Puzzles for solving, pegs fit in boards,
Laces for beads and so many more!
A warm invitation, unspoken but there …
Come into my classroom and learn as you play!

The preschool classroom is a joyous space filled with toys, books, activities galore. A room filled with “things” has little true value if the children who visit don’t see and feel the love and excitement the teacher pours in. Indeed a classroom without toys, but a teacher who cares can open the mind to a leaf, a twig, or the sun’s warm embrace.
jeanne hart 23 October 2010

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