Monday, May 24, 2010

Giving Our Students 21st Century Skills

Now that it's practically summer, and we all have a little breathing room before we start planning again for next year, it's a great time to surf (the web) for technology projects that will enhance your students' writing skills, hone their technology skills and give them real-world writing experiences.

Here's an example that my colleague and I kind of whipped up with two weeks left of the school year. The kids were challenged to try different genres for their independent reading, but my colleague wanted to know if they really were understanding, so we set up a blog site for them, invited all 106 of them to be authors, negotiated format and "rubric" elements by looking at other blog sites, then each student published three book reviews. It took two of us to edit the 300 posts in one week's time, but next year, we'll spread it out more. Ahhh, there's always next year.

Please share your own literacy success stories with us. We'd like a glimpse into your classroom.
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