Saturday, November 14, 2009

November Continuity 11/14/09 Technology in the Classroom

Stephanie Shepherd led us through a FABULOUS technology workshop on blogging and podcasting and had the teachers set up their own blogs. Yeah!

To check out all the resources Stephanie provided, here's a sharetab of her links as well as some of our own blogs.

So why should we use blogs and podcasts/vodcasts in our classrooms?
Offers another sense modality (aural) for students to express themselves and absorb or manipulate information
▪Increased student motivation
▪Teachers or students can record audio about homework assignments, assignments, feedback, announcements, etc. thus the classroom is extended and enriched
▪Many students already have audio players, so it taps into an existing technology.
▪Blogging is highly effective way to help students to become better writers. Research has long shown that students write more, write in greater detail, and take greater care with spelling, grammar, and punctuation, when they are writing to an authentic audience over the Internet.
▪Anecdotal evidence suggests that students' interest in, and quantity of, writing increases when their work is published online and -- perhaps even more importantly -- when it is subject to reader comments.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Directions to NHERC

I hope we get to see as many of you as possible at the Nov 14 continuity training at NHERC with Stephanie Shepherd leading. Below is their phone, street address and a link to Google Maps! Please bring a laptop if you have one available! Mahalo!!!!

(808) 775-8890

(808) 775-1294

45-539 Plumeria St., Honoka Ľa, HI, 96727
NHERC on Google Maps