Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Getting Ready for ED 694: Advanced Writing Institute

Aloha! Welcome to ED 694: Advanced Writing Institute

I'm so looking forward to working with you June 9-20th, 9-4, in UCB 314, at the University of Hawaii at Hilo. I'd like to help you get ready for this experience!

Please bring on the 1st day, Monday, June 9th:

1. Your Text
2. A journal (optional)
3. A laptop (optional)-Let me know right away if you do not have one so I can check one out for you to use at school.
4. A flash drive
5. A lunch
6. A basket or bag of small objects ( 5 or 6) which represent you.
7. A collection of pictures from throughout your life that are meaningful to you. They can be of anything, place, or person--just meaningful to you.
8. A digital camera or cell phone with camera capabilities.
9. A UH User Name and Password. Go to to get that information.
10. A plastic box or bag filled with desk/craft items: markers, pens, scissors, glue, post it notes (LOTS of post it notes), etc.

On Thursday, June 12th (depending on the weather)

We are going to take a field trip to Akaka Falls to photograph, sketch, and write. You will need to bring a lawn chair, a journal or laptop, some hiking shoes, appropriate clothes, and a snack.

There will be a field trip Wednesday, June 18th class as well. Right now, tentatively, we are going to Mauna Kea, not to the summit, but just in the park to write on the mountain. Again, this is weather dependent.

Please RSVP that you got this message. I will be sending you an invitation to join a NING and a blog. Please accept both invitations, because we will be using both and that is how I will be communicating with you.

Jeannine Hirtle


Toni said...

Thanks for the info.


Michelle said...

Thanks again for your warm hospitality (and refreshing fruit salad!) on Monday at Mauna Kea. You guys are awesome!

Michelle from Houston