Tuesday, April 15, 2008

NWP SITE Bulletin and Announcements

Hi! I wanted to share this NWP Site Bulletin with you all. I also have a question. Have you each read the NWP book, Because Writing Matters? I want to order copies for our site, if not, or if some of us have. I think each new institute that comes through should read that, but not necessarily buy it.

Please comment and follow up on anything you think we should address here!

You can comment by e-mail, of course, and/but, you might like to try commenting on our Lehua Writing Project blog. It might be a nice place to share our messages and ideas with each other. When you join this blog, you can check to have an e-mail notification sent to you when someone posts a message. The address is http://lehuawritingproject.blogspot.com.

It might also be a nice place to share our writing as well as our messages and ideas. Just a thought.
We have had over twenty inquiries about the Advanced Summer Institute and we have 10 people signed up. Yeah!!!! I'll share the spread sheet with you all so you can see who signed up!!!

Do each of you want to help in writing our grant to become a formal site this summer? Shel has set money aside for us to go on a 2 day retreat to do do. Merle, is going to let us know about her vacation plans. Do the rest of you have vacation plans for the week after the summer institute? Could you do a two day writer's retreat? If so, know of any good B&B's we could go to? Would you rather write somewhere else and not do an overnight? Just let me know in the next week so I can let Shel know and make reservations!

I'm so looking forward to our work this summer.



Cathy Ikeda said...

I am available for the day on the 27th of June, but I'm not available for a overnighter. I'm leaving town on the 29th and need to get ready.
There are beautiful B&Bs around, but I'm a down and dirty writer, I just want to get it done with little amenities and distractions. Maybe we could work after class one day?

Jeannine Hirtle said...

Well the grant is pretty big--about 30 pages and we have a lot of decisions to make. We could do some talking during lunch and after class and then dedicate that day of the 27th to writing. Thanks for posting.